students can eat sustainably

Dana Hospitality is committed to working with the MRU community, suppliers and partners to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations in a measured and progressive manner. We operate in true partnership with our clients and campus communities to achieve the most sustainable program possible and are looking forward to advancing sustainability efforts on the Mount Royal University campus.

We continually look for opportunities to re-new, re-use, recycle, restore and sustain. Our dedication to corporate social responsibility provides specific tools for each café to help the on-site team achieve the sustainability goals that are most important to each unique client. These foodservice sustainability goals fall into four categories, Sourcing, Social, Diversion and Reduction. Let your Chef know what initiatives you would like to see at The Table.

We make fair trade, local, organic and agriculturally sustainable product options available to our customers.

  • Our ongoing mandate is to buy local, regional and national helps us achieve a menu profile that is over 90% Canadian
  • By joining our reusable take-out container program, students are able to purchase foods-to-go in containers that can be returned, washed and used again. At the end of its packaging life-cycle the containers can be recycled or composted as regional municipalities allow
  • Our highly popular Spa Water Bottle program reduces the use of plastic water bottles in landfills and provides nutritious vitamin and mineral infused water with the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • We offer a vegetarian dish specifically designed in our Curry in Hurry on Mondays
  • At Mount Royal University, we plan to re-establish the regular use of the two food dehydrators in the kitchen


Sustainability and the environment

To be “sustainable” is the development of processes or systems that help to create a vibrant campus economy and high quality of life while respecting the need to sustain natural resources and protect the environment. Sustainable programs are those that support our commitment to environmental, social and economic health, commonly called the “triple bottom line” or the “sustainable sweet spot”. From procurement to plate, our sustainability efforts compliment these touchstones in everything we do.